Living in an apartment or multiple-dwelling property may limit your space and your control over your environment in comparison to a single-family home, but there are still easy ways to be green. This type of living situation comes with some different ways of dealing with waste, recycling, energy, etc. Check out the information below to help you get on your way.

Garbage and Recycling

1. Management companies/landlords of multiple-dwelling properties must offer tenants the opportunity to recycle, per city ordinance in Apple Valley, Burnsville, and Eagan, MN. See the Ordinances section. If you are not offered any recycling for the basic materials (cans, bottles, paper, etc.), talk to your management company. 

2. Property management companies can apply for free assistance through the Dakota County Multifamily Recycling Program in the form of containers, labels, totes, and education for residents and staff.

3. In the garbage industry, apartment buildings are often considered "commercial" accounts rather than "residential". If you need to contact the garbage or recycling hauler that services your building(s), please check our list of licensed commercial haulers. 

4. Did you know you must properly recycle electronics when you are done with them and NOT put them in the garbage?  They also cannot go in with regular recyclables (cans, bottles, paper, etc.). Find options for recycling electronics like televisions, computers, stereos, etc. at the electronics recycling section.

5. Need to find out how to recycle other items? Check out our Residential Recycling section. 

6. Want to learn how to properly dispose of many different items? Visit Dakota County's Recycling and Disposal Guide, an online tool with lots of information.


1. Easy things like turning off the lights and unplugging electronics while not in use can help save electricity and money.

2. Washing clothes in cold water uses less energy and will save you money if you have your own washer. It will also preserve your clothing.

3. Use CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) in lamps and lighting fixtures instead of the old incandescent bulbs.  Not only will they last longer, but they use 75% less energy.  Just make sure to look for the Energy Star rating on the light bulbs to ensure long-lasting quality. Learn more about Fluorescent bulbs.

4. For many other energy-saving tips, check out the MN Energy Challenge and their "Renter" specific section. 

Moving in or moving out?

5. Want to find or get rid of gently used furniture and other household goods? Check out things like Craigslist or look at the Reuse section to find donation and other opportunities.

6. Do you have household cleaners, paint, old fluorescent bulbs or other items that need to be disposed of? These are considered household hazardous waste and can all be brought to The Dakota County Recycling Zone, in Eagan, at NO CHARGE. 


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Dakota Valley Recycling

DVR is the partnership recycling department for the Cities of Apple Valley, BurnsvilleEagan and Lakeville that connects residents and businesses to recycling, composting and waste disposal information.

DVR is not a drop off facility and does not accept any materials for recycling.