Knowing what to recycle is not always easy, especially when you feel the pressure of wanting to do the right thing. Sometimes, we end up throwing something away in the trash after contemplation, confusion, and doubt. Other times, we fall into a trap of “wish-cycling,” which is what happens when we recycle something we assume or hope is recyclable. Of course, we hold the right intentions when we do this, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right move. In the end, we might still find ourselves wondering, “Where does this go?”

Dakota County, in anticipation of this question, has created an interactive way for us to teach ourselves how to dispose of these every-day items. Along with the Green Guide on Dakota County’s website, where you can find local specialty drop-off locations for household items, you’ll find The Waste Sorting Game. In this game, you’ll be asked where to dispose of various materials, such as a vacuum, pet waste, or dish soap bottles. Six options for disposal are provided for you to choose from – Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste Pick-up, Backyard Composting, The Recycling Zone, or Specialty Drop-off. Specialty Drop-off might include your local grocery store for plastic bags, or a gardening center for unwanted mulch. By the way, a vacuum would go to The Recycling Zone, pet waste should be put in the trash, and empty dish soap bottles should be placed in the recycling (after a healthy rinse)!

Where Does It Go is an entertaining and educational game that can be helpful for both kids and adults. You may be asked to sort items you’ve never needed to sort before, but will likely come across during your next Spring cleaning. Or maybe you want to teach your youngsters how to be environmentally conscious in an engaging way. Whatever the motive, give it a go! You’ll be impressed at what you already know.

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Dakota Valley Recycling

DVR is the partnership recycling department for the Cities of Apple Valley, BurnsvilleEagan and Lakeville that connects residents and businesses to recycling, composting and waste disposal information.

DVR is not a drop off facility and does not accept any materials for recycling.